Why I Never Give “Best Practices” in Marketing

Ever wonder why I don’t hand out blanket marketing advice? It’s because I’ve seen firsthand how the “same exact thing” can have wildly different results, even with seemingly minor tweaks.

Case in point: We recently ran two identical seminars for different attorneys. We set up Facebook ads the exact same way: split test between video and image, used our high-converting text copy, set a middle-of-the-road budget, and both got solid sign-ups (40-50 people per seminar date).

But, here’s the twist:

  • Attorney #1: The video ad was the superstar, raking in almost ALL the leads.
  • Attorney #2: Static image ad stole the show.

If we hadn’t tested both (because in theory, video SHOULD pull better), we would’ve missed a TON of potential clients for Attorney #2!

Here’s the takeaway for you: If something isn’t working, don’t give up!

  • Tweak it: For example, change the headline, swap out the image, try video instead of text.
  • Track it: Watch those metrics like a hawk to see what sticks.

There’s no magic bullet, but with a little experimentation, you can crack the code for YOUR perfect audience.

Ready to dive in? Let’s chat about what you’re working on and see where we can start testing!