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Our Story

Legal Marketing Maven is full service outsourcing firm for estate planning and elder law attorneys designed to train virtual and in-house staff and provide the tools and resources lawyers need to implement consistent, focused, diversified marketing in their law practice.  Our clients are located nationwide, ranging from small to mid-size boutique law firms to highly respected legal training and practice management organizations.


Founder and CEO Laura Lee Sparks utilized her 20 years experience of growing and directly managing highly successful firms to create a thriving virtual assistance practice in 2005 and soon discovered there were far too many attorneys for her to serve alone. Seeing that the hurdle many lawyers faced centered around implementation of the marketing and law practice management strategies necessary to make a firm grow, Legal Marketing Maven was born to fill those implementation needs by offering attorneys a team of highly skilled professionals for complete virtual support.


Growing your estate and elder law practice isn’t just a job for us…it’s our passion.  After nearly 10 years as a full-time caregiver for her father, mother and husband who lost his battle with cancer in 2011, Laura Lee and the entire LM2 team are dedicated to spreading the word about proper legal planning for individuals and families.


Our education-based marketing materials, advertising campaigns, email marketing, website and promotional copy uniquely captivate and motivate prospects because we understand their pain.  We’ve been in their shoes and we understand the urgency and sensitive needs they present when looking for an estate planning or elder care attorney.


We routinely receive rave reviews from our private clients and Done-For-You program members about the quality of our campaigns and how they ignite such a passionate response from prospective clients, referral sources and the media in their community.


In addition to our private and done-for-you implementation services, we also understand the importance of having your entire staff involved in the marketing of the firm. Time and time again, attorneys come to Legal Marketing Maven having spent up to six-figures on coaching programs, yet still can’t get their firms off the ground. And 99% of the time, the problem isn’t with the attorney or even the marketing plan– it’s the team in charge of implementing the desired strategies, who often lack the technical or educational support they need to carry out the plan.


For that reason, Legal Marketing Maven offers a variety of team-training and coaching options to ensure “in-house” legal teams have the “know-how” and support they need to handle everything from complicated marketing plans to general office management.  This sets the firm on track for immediate growth with less management and oversight from the attorney.

And unlike other legal marketing service providers, Legal Marketing Maven offers strategy and accountability sessions for attorneys to ensure full execution and implementation of marketing plans developed in any program that they may be involved in or learning from.


These accountability sessions are key for attorneys who simply can’t find the time to implement the marketing strategies they learn, or the implementation is only short-lived as they become distracted by client work when the phone starts to ring as a result.  The accountability and strategy sessions seek to combat failed implementation on both fronts by upholding clear deadlines and ensuring consistent execution of all long-term marketing plans.


Attorneys who work with Legal Marketing Maven in any capacity will benefit from Laura Lee’s background in managing law practices and multi-million dollar legal training companies, her comprehensive knowledge of educational-based marketing in a law practice, the super star team she has put in place to implement the marketing plans of attorneys across the country and her abundance of resources, connections and knowledge of the software and tools designed to turn an idea into a reality, resulting in more clients, more money and more free time for our clients.