Monday - Friday | 9am - 5pm Central

We’ll Keep Your Entire Team Accountable and On Track in Our Inner Circle Group

Our Inner Circle is a private training and accountability group where you and your team will work with me (Laura Lee) and the LM2 team to tackle the marketing tasks in your firm that are likely going by the wayside. I’ll be teaching you new strategies, best practices, and will actually GUIDE the marketing and management of your law firm.

Not only am I going to tell you WHAT to do weekly and show you all of my best TIPS AND SECRETS for things done…

… I’m also going to be regularly “checking in” and “nagging” your team to keep you and them 100% accountable and on track to bring in an abundance of new clients and A+ referrals.

Some other highlights:

  • You and your team will be given weekly marketing assignments as well as deadlines and hands-on guidance from me and the Legal Marketing Maven team on how to implement each strategy that is taught in the program. This ensures your marketing is actually HAPPENING, both consistently and CORRECTLY, to get the phone ringing with prospects and new referral sources each and every month.
  • We hold our bi-monthly LIVE Zoom Conferences on Fridays, so they are easy to attend and allow you to look ahead to the next week with complete clarity and FOCUS.
  • Enjoy a safe place to network and “mastermind” with like-minded firms that openly share what’s working RIGHT NOW to grow their practices and save on costs.
  • We stay up-to-date on best marketing practices, so you don’t have to! Your team will stay ahead of the curve in all things marketing and practice management. Plus, we’ll keep you “in the know” about upcoming events and observances so that you can pre-plan your marketing well enough in advance to score more free publicity and ROI from your efforts.
  • We train your TEAM members on how to do their job with excellence and bring in maximum results in the firm. Examples of what they will learn include our best secrets for phone follow-up, seminar follow-up, converting prospects into appointments, preventing cancellations, “pre-selling” your services, and more!
  • LM2 team accepts and critiques members’ law firm marketing plans, websites, and materials,providing “hot seat” opportunities and the chance to revamp tired old marketing materials that just aren’t working anymore.
  • A webinar and/or teleconference training will be provided on a focused marketing strategy (i.e. email marketing best practices, social media, time-sensitive public relations opportunities, direct mail mastery techniques, etc.).
  • Have marketing or practice management questions?This is a safe place to have them answered without worrying about being taken advantage of by contractors/companies or being sold services you don’t want or need!

Did We Mention It's FREE?

This was a group that members happily paid $100 a month to be a part of prior to March 2020. We refunded all the previous subscriptions and suspended payments for the foreseeable future so that we could give back to the community that means so much to us as we all adapt to marketing in the era of COVID-19 together.

We want you to know that our members aren’t just getting through these times together

in the Inner Circle, but so many of our clients have reported their BEST MONTHS ever in practice because we were able to help them RAPIDLY transition over to webinars, virtual meetings, and social media marketing so they could reach prospects right at home. We stay nimble, we’re always ready to adjust, and we don’t hold our cards close to the vest. We tell you what to do and how to do it so that you can overcome any obstacles that you are facing.

You'll receive an email with all the details. We look forward to locking arms with you.

Private Coaching and Team Training

We are also available to provide private coaching and strategy sessions. The goal of these sessions is to not only to help attorneys with big visions create big ACTION plans to ensure that their ideas are seeing the light of day…but that they are implemented successfully and that every member of the team stays accountable to the plan (receptionist, marketing coordinators, appointment schedulers, associate attorneys, etc.).

We are also available to provide team training to help your staff members “sharpen their saws” and increase their results with community marketing and master phone follow-up (this is the biggest black hole in most practices and the area where most staff members are ill-equipped and under-trained). We can also help with the creation of your practice management systems to keep team members productive, accountable, and stop work from falling through the cracks.

To discuss your specific training and accountability needs, schedule your Virtual Cup of Coffee with Laura Lee!