Tik Tok and Law Firm Marketing: What if it’s BANNED? 

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about marketing on TikTok, especially with the recent news of a bipartisan bill that could potentially give the Commerce Secretary the power to ban the app. Many are wondering if it’s worth continuing to invest time and energy into TikTok marketing. Well, let me tell you my thoughts on the matter.

If you’re inspired to create content on TikTok, PLEASE DO IT! The way we handle marketing for our clients is by using their content on a variety of platformsIf TikTok is the platform that’s inspiring you to take action and get busy creating content right now, don’t let the “what if” of a potential ban hold you back. Use that creative mojo!

Here’s the thing: if you can provide your marketing team with the raw video files or Reels from TikTok, they can easily download those files and upload them to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. That means even if TikTok does get banned, your content won’t die with it. Plus, those videos can be repurposed into blog posts, social media snippets, and so much more.

Treat this situation like many of us in the industry handle the ever-changing landscape of estate tax proposals and legislation. We know something could happen or change at any time, but we keep trucking along and doing our jobs until it does. Keep that same mentality with your marketing too!

So, to answer the question: should you stop marketing on TikTok if it will be banned? Absolutely not! If the platform inspires you, go for it, create amazing content, and let your marketing team worry about the logistics. We’re here to adapt and make sure your message reaches your audience no matter what platform they’re on.

PS. Keep in mind if you don’t have your foundational pieces of your marketing in place and happening CONSISTENTLY, that is where your focus should be FIRSTIf you aren’t sure what that is, let’s chat. Once that is happening on auto-pilot, then it is time to add in other pieces such as Tic Tok, if that’s your jam!