Tidying Up: Real Firm Discoveries From Purging This Past Week

My inbox and to do list is still ugly, and I’m sure yours is too.  So how about this week we just go back to the basics and focus on CLEANING OUR DIGITAL HOUSE? 

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There’s no better time to pause, reset, and focus on clearing out all the “digital cobwebs” and dust bunnies that might be lurking from the year past.  

The goal is to get rid of anything not serving your practice, update anything that feels cluttered or clunky, and fix anything broken before you start aggressively driving new leads in 2023.

Let me give you a few examples of things we are currently working on:

·      One client was recently on TV, so we took screengrabs of his network interview and used it as the header on the firm’s Google My Business Page. Use that third-party credibility for all it’s worth!

·      Last month, a client’s web hosting service was hacked. In checking some of his stats, we noticed that his site was no longer showing up in search results. While we don’t manage his website, our little audit showed that he was delisted from Google before his web person had any clue.  Don’t worry—it’s being resolved.

·      A client added a few new practice areas over the course of the year, which were reflected in the dropdown menu on his site, but not conveyed very clearly on the home page. A five-minute fix to the linking structure made it a smoother user experience.

·      We checked in on the number of reviews that our clients had on local profiles. You better believe I’ve started nagging the ones who need to get some more testimonials coming in!

·      Any reports or webinars that were created in the crunch of the 4th quarter are in the process of being uploaded to websites.

Most importantly…

·      We’re clicking on all the links! Don’t underestimate the importance of having someone on your team go through all of your web pages and social media pages to just CLICK on everything.  We’ve already uncovered a bunch of stuff that has become unlinked or needs to be redirected for a number of reasons. It’s boring and tedious…but necessary.

I’ll leave you with this quote from someone much smarter than me because most of us always resolve to do things in our practices that result in more free time each new year:

 “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Happy cleaning!