The Unparalleled Power of Follow-Up: Why Multiple Touches Make All The Difference

We’ve all been there. A potential client reaches out, showing interest in our services. They seem enthusiastic, ready to take the next step. And then, as quickly as they appeared, they vanish. Radio silence. What happened?

In the fast-paced digital age, it’s easy for messages to get lost in the shuffle, for intentions to wane, and for distractions to lead prospects astray. But here’s the thing: just because a lead goes quiet doesn’t mean their need or interest has evaporated. This is where the power of follow-up comes into play.

1. Multiple Touches Create Familiarity

Research has shown that it often takes multiple touches for a potential client to make a decision. Every touch, whether it’s an email, phone call, or even a postcard, serves as a reminder of the value you bring to the table. Each interaction cements your position in their mind, making it more likely they’ll choose you when they’re ready.

2. Converting Leads to Appointments

Not all clients are ready to jump into action the moment they reach out. Some need time to mull things over, some may have personal obstacles to overcome, while others might simply be waiting for the right nudge. By having a structured, multi-touch campaign, you’re not just waiting for them to act—you’re gently steering them towards a decision, which often results in a conversion from lead to appointment.

3. Demonstrating Dedication and Care

Consistent follow-up isn’t just about getting that appointment; it’s about demonstrating your dedication and genuine care for your potential clients. Especially in the world of Estate and Elder Law, where decisions have deep emotional underpinnings related to legacy and peace of mind, showing that you’re not just there for the transaction but truly invested in their well-being can set you apart.

4. Boosting ROI on Your Initial Outreach

Let’s face it, acquiring a new lead—whether through seminars, webinars, or other avenues—takes time, effort, and resources. By not following up, you’re leaving potential revenue on the table. However, a multi-touch campaign maximizes your return on investment, ensuring that the energy spent on acquiring a lead isn’t wasted.

Following up is more than just a business strategy; it’s a testament to your commitment to serve and make a difference in your clients’ lives. By consistently reaching out, you’re keeping the conversation about conversion—and the incredible peace of mind you offer—top of mind.

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