The Perfect Welcome Email to Send to EVERY New Client!

One of the greatest frustrations clients have with their lawyers centers around the issue of communication.  Many people lament that they never hear from their attorney until it’s time to write another check.  Even if that’s not really the case, the “perception” of such can quickly make a client standoffish… always questioning your time and your motives.

Who wants that as the start of a business relationship?  At the same time, you don’t have the time to “chat” or answer questions all day.  And really, it’s equally frustrating that clients would EXPECT that of you.

What’s the attorney to do?

Well, I’ll tell you a super easy way to cause your new clients to “stand down” and put away their negative ammo… attitudes (particularly the bad ones):

Start sending the PERFECT welcome email when someone engages your firm.

Sounds simple, right?  In reality, it is.

Within 24 hours of a client coming in to meet with you, there needs to be at least one email that goes out, from the ATTORNEY, that personally welcomes the client to your practice and sets positive expectations up front.   Here are a few points you may want to cover:

·  Your gratitude for the client choosing you as an attorney.  You realize it’s not an easy decision to make and you look forward to earning their trust.

·  An introduction to EVERYONE on the team who may have a hand in their matter.   This is your chance to EDIFY EDIFY EDIFY your team members and let your clients know they are in wonderful, capable hands.  Let them know that the team will be responsible for keeping in touch with the client regularly and answering any questions they may have so that the client is NOT resentful if every call does not come from you, the lawyer.

·  Clearly walk them through how to proceed if they have a question and what to expect.  Each office has their own unique processes and nuances, so let them know how yours works.

·  Provide the client with links to any helpful articles, blogs or materials that they can be reading to learn more about the legal journey they are embarking on.  It will help them to feel more apart of the “team” and the overall process.

·  If you have a newsletter or email newsletter, let them know exactly when they can expect to hear from you (ex. Until we meet again in the office, I’ll be communicating with you bi-weekly via my newsletter.  I’ll be sending you helpful tips that I think you can benefit from, and you will have the opportunity to reply over email if you have any questions.”)

Truth is, it doesn’t take much to make the lawyer-client relationship a less adversarial one.  Simple little gestures, like sending the perfect welcome email, will work wonders in showing your clients that you are different from all of the rest.

If you don’t have a great welcome email in place, sit down this afternoon and draft one.  Give the copy to your assistant and ask him or her to ensure it goes out from an email address with your name on it after every client comes into meet with you.  The results will be immediate and you’ll significantly cut down on client drama in your practice!


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