The Hidden Leak That Was Costing a Client Firm Thousands!

Ever wondered if you’re pouring water into a sieve instead of a bucket? That’s what marketing feels like if your intake process is leaky.

Let me share a jaw-dropping discovery from one of our recent clients. This story is a testament to why every dollar spent on marketing may be wasted if you’re not paying attention to what happens *after* that click or call.

This attorney had an intake process so advanced it could’ve been mistaken for NASA’s launch protocol. High-tech systems and automations. Refined scripts. But the results? Not stellar. There was traffic, clicks, calls—yet, few of these prospects ever sat down with the lawyers.

The team blamed “bad leads” and “price resistance.” But, the truth? Way more fundamental.

I pulled back the curtain on their intake calls and spotted the glaring issue: their intake person, while fantastic in many ways, was prematurely discussing pricing without ever truly connecting with the client or showcasing the value of working with the firm. Imagine buying a luxury car, and the first thing the salesperson does is throw a manual, and the listing price at you without even showing you the car!

3 Crucial Steps Before Your Next Marketing Campaign:

1. The Deep Dive: Regularly review your intake. Listen to calls. Analyze conversion rates. Spot the gaps.

2. More Than Just Training: It’s not just about the process, but the heart behind it. Your team must truly understand the essence of building genuine connections and conveying value.

3. Check Your Foundation: Ensure your intake process isn’t just good—it should be rock-solid. It’s the backbone of your practice. If there’s a crack, your entire structure might crumble.

In an ever-evolving world, remember to adapt, reassess, and refine. Don’t let an outdated or ineffective intake process be your Achilles’ heel.

Feeling you might have missed something? Let’s chat. I’ve been navigating these waters for over 30 years. Schedule a virtual coffee with me, and let’s ensure your intake process is as watertight as it should be. I’m happy to help you troubleshoot some solutions.