Ten Simple Affordable Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

Just like with any other type of small business, a lot of today’s marketing for lawyers should focus on the Internet: web sites, banner ads, blogging, Facebook and Twitter, etc. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

According to a survey by The Research Intelligence Group (TRiG), 3 out of 4 consumers seeking an attorney over the last year used online resources at some point in the process.

Since most people are spending a great deal of time online these days, it just makes good sense to invest your focus there as well. Time, effort, and money should absolutely be devoted to developing a strong “virtual” campaign.

But, there are a lot of other methods for marketing your practice. Some are pretty “old school,” but they’re still around because they work. They are time-honored practices that not only get business but also just fit in with the strong “relationship-based” business model of the legal industry.

What follows are ten marketing strategies for lawyers who want to augment their online activities with real-world actions.

  1. Business Cards: Hand those suckers out! You can really amp up their power, though, if you take a little effort to come up with something unique. You might not want to be too gimmicky (or maybe you do), but a card that is different will stand out and get you remembered.
  2. Be an Expert: Offer your expertise to local reporters who need someone with your knowledge to provide background or quotes for their stories. Not only does it get your name out, but it also means that people recognize you as a go-to person for your field.
  3. News Clippings: When you read through newspapers or magazines, it’s certain that articles will remind you of referral sources, clients and other people you know. Why not cut out the article and send it to them with a quick note letting them know you thought of them? It’s a quick and cheap strategy for nurturing relationships.
  4. Press Releases: Speaking of the news and journalists, don’t forget that you can send out press releases when you have something interesting to share. Tying a story idea in to a current event helps improve the odds that your press release will get noticed and picked up.
  5. Holiday Cards: Sending out holiday cards is smart because it reminds clients and others that you’re out there, and it lets them know that you appreciate their business. Sending them out a little early is even better because many people display the cards they receive, and yours will be out even longer.
  6. Send Other Kinds of Cards: Keep track of client’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other big events, and make a point to send out cards on a regular basis. This is easy to do with today’s wonderful card-sending services.
  7. Personalized Calendars: Along with those holiday cards, you might want to consider a nice looking calendar that clients will look at nearly EVERY DAY for an entire year. Make it attractive, and make sure it is branded.
  8. Do Presentations: From workshops to Rotary lunch presentations, there are a lot of opportunities out there to share your knowledge with those who would benefit. As a bonus, they will remember you when they need an attorney…or better yet, will realize they need one during your presentation.
  9. Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber is just one type of organization that will provide many networking opportunities, as well as the chance to become visible in the business community of your city.
  10. Elevator Pitch: Make sure you have a smooth, well-practiced 30-second speech that clearly describes what it is that you do, and then make sure that everyone who works for you also knows it by heart.

These are just a few easy and affordable marketing tips for lawyers. Despite the fact that some of them are fairly obvious, they sometimes go overlooked in the age of online marketing. Don’t forget that there are other ways to grow your practice and be consistent!!


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