Swipe and Deploy Referral Source Touches

Building and maintaining your referral sources is key to any successful practice – but let’s be honest. Most of us have very little time for regular (and meaningful) networking with the people and organizations who refer us business.

So, how can we keep those relationships warm and “nurtured” when we are spread so thin ourselves?

Here are three quick and easy action steps you can take next week that will leave your referral sources feeling like VIPs with a minimal time investment on your part:

1. Send a Gift Card for Coffee

Everyone loves a little surprise, especially when it comes with a personal touch. Consider sending a $5-$10 gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin, or your favorite coffee shop along with a handwritten note that lets them know you value their relationship and hope to catch up soon. Here’s an example you can copy:

“Hi , I hope this note finds you well. Life has been hectic, but I wanted to take some time to let you know that I value our relationship and really appreciate your support. Until we can get together in person, here’s a cup of coffee on me! I look forward to connecting with you soon.”

2. Feature their content in your newsletter

If you send an electronic or print newsletter to your database, reach out to your referral sources and invite them to share their expertise by contributing an article for a future edition. Show that you value their knowledge – it’s sure to benefit readers with interesting insight, plus help further establish relationships between both parties. Here’s a message you can copy in your email or direct message to them:

“Hi , I am working on my newsletter and I thought my clients might benefit from learning more about you . Would you be interested in writing a guest article or submitting some content that they might find helpful? I would love for them to get to know you better and the work that you are doing here in our community! Let me know if you are interested.”

3. Send Food!

The way to anyone’s heart (and wallet, really) is their stomach. So if there’s a particular team or staff of a company you are trying to warm up (say a CPA Firm that is deep into tax season or the staff at your favorite Assisted Living Community), consider sending a few pizzas for lunch or dropping off some bagels or donuts. It’s a small gesture that will have a big impact, and it’s as easy as pushing a few buttons on the internet via a delivery service or Door Dash if you can’t personally drop off the food yourself.

I’m CONFIDENT you can commit to doing one of these activities next week. Get it done, and let me know what you executed. We’re here to hold each other accountable.

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