Quitting Facebook!

The days of free advertising on Facebook are over.

Many firms are up in arms after recent changes to Facebook’s Algorithm, Edgerank, that have altered the way fan page posts are showing up in other people’s newsfeeds.

According to this article in Time Magazine , most companies are reporting a reach of less than HALF of what they are used to seeing.  And eventually, Facebook plans to dial that reach down to 1-2% of fans.

Nerd translation:  Unless you are advertising with the social media giant, the fans of your firm’s page will rarely see your content when Facebook ultimately has its way.

This change has been extremely frustrating for firms that spent a tremendous amount of time and energy building up their fan pages, only to find out that their content would not be seen by the very fans they worked so hard to acquire.

Some small businesses have openly talked about quitting Facebook pages all together and going back to personal pages where at least they know they’ll be seen.

Is that such a good idea? Do we think you should abandon your Facebook fan page?

Our answer is NO.  Fan pages are still extremely useful and there are a number of work arounds to ensure that your content is being seen.   Here are some easy ways to increase your visibility and reach on Facebook, even on a shoestring advertising budget.

1. Share great content– This seems obvious, but now it’s more strategic than cliché.  Friends of fans will see when someone likes, shares or comments on your posts.  By having this type of engagement, it’s an opportunity for more people to see your content without spending a dime. Don’t just post to post. Think hard about what will resonate with your fans that will result in more likes, comments and shares!

2. Mix up your content– As of right now, studies show that Facebook favors text-only posts over posts with links and memes.  Does this mean you should stop posting links? NO! Posting links back to your site is still great for SEO (that content is indexed!).  But you want to be sure to mix up your content for increased visibility and engagement. Give tips, ask questions, ask for recommendations, etc.  Be creative!

3. Start a small advertising campaign– For as little as $5-10 a day, you can run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook.  This can come in the form of running “like ads” that show in the newsfeed (i.e. friend and friend like this page…you should too!) or a “boosted post” where you pay to promote a particular piece of content on your newsfeed.

4. Consider a “retargeting” campaign– These are the “stalk me” ads that show up all over Facebook after you visit a particular website.  Did you know you can set them up for your firm too? It’s another great way to be seen constantly on Facebook without a super huge advertising budget.

While there may come a time when you are seriously forced to “pay to play” on Facebook, for now, the opportunity still exists for low-cost and organic marketing campaigns to clients and POTENTIAL clients of your firm.   These are people who don’t even know you exist and SHOULD.

So don’t give up on your Facebook strategy just yet. Implement the tips in this post and keep an eye on your numbers to watch your reach grow and improve.


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