Pulling Back the Curtain

We were speaking to one of our private clients yesterday and going over his first quarter numbers and he doubled his revenue all three months (and is on track to do so in April as well!). And this client is not the only one experiencing this type of growth.

I speak with estate planning attorneys all of the time who want me to pull back the curtain and tell them the “secret” to making this happen. I thought maybe you would want to know too. Like there is a magic button you can just push. I WISH!

There is not ONE thing that creates these results, it is a culmination of doing ALL OF THE THINGS CONSISTENTLY!

In the last four months with our help he has:

  • Sent out a Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Sent out two targeted timely email campaigns to prospects
  • Set up a two lead generation funnels on his website to generate new leads
  • Sent two print newsletters
  • Posted Weekly Blog Posts
  • Posted weekly videos to YouTube
  • Posted daily to social media
  • Set up an internal office campaign geared towards the Trustees their clients have appointed, to drive more referrals from clients on autopilot

I’m sharing these results and the ACTIONS that delivered the results because THIS is what it takes…consistent action and getting things DONE.

Ideas, brainstorms and planning are great but they will never get you to the results you are looking for, unless you actually take action and implement.

Need help getting things done and delegating most, if not all of the process?

Let’s chat! It doesn’t matter if you are a true solo or you already have a team. In fact, we are often the “Swiss army knife” that in-house teams use behind the scenes to make magic happen on the ground! Trust me, they’ll thank you for putting the tools and resources in their hands to get results that they can feel proud of. Everyone wins.

Here’s a link to my calendar.

Looking forward to speaking with you,