No time to write a book? I have a 25+ e-book you can give to clients/prospects ASAP!

You’ve likely heard time and time again how important it is to have a print book or downloadable e-book when marketing your estate or elder law practice.

Of course it positions you as an authority, looks great in the eyes of professional partners and always perks up the ears of the media.

But… if you’re like most lawyers I know, there’s just ZERO time in your life get something meaningful typed out and into print.

Even writing an e-book can be a challenge…and you may feel that because the content requires a ton of legal expertise, its not something that you can easily delegate to your team for the sake of “saving time.”

Well if you are struggling in this area, I want you to know that the LM2 TEAM has the legal background you are looking for and we have an awesome selection of e-books that are available to the lawyers we work with!

Just this month, we released our 25 + page Caregiver Guide.   Not only is it professionally written and graphically designed, but we also give you EVERYTHING you need to market your new “book,” including:

  • Landing page copy for your website—so people can download your new book easily online in exchange for giving you their full contact info;
  • Follow up email copy, which is designed to “drip out” to people who request your book to entice them to come into the office for an appointment;
  • Letters/ emails to people and organizations that serve caregivers in your community—letting them know about your services and offering the book for National Caregiver’s Month (November).

This is one of my FAVORITE campaigns we’ve ever created and its received rave reviews from every client that we’ve given it to so far!

That’s because the book itself is written in such a way to not only support the needs of caregivers, but to show them just how much easier their job/life can be when they have a great estate planning attorney on their side.  Essentially, the book sells YOU in a non-pushy and empowering way.

Because I have been a caregiver for most of my adult life and feel this campaign is so critically important to get out into the local communities, I am making the FULL package available for $695 just until the end of the week

You do not have to join our monthly program and I will give you all of the pieces a la carte.

Just so you have a point of reference, the cost of having the e-book alone designed by a high-end graphic designer in an EDITABLE file (like we are providing you so that you can customize the material as you see fit!) is WELL OVER the cost of this entire campaign.  That doesn’t factor in the copywriting, editing and marketing support!

This is a labor of love for me and the materials have COST ME lot more to create than it will cost you to get the campaign live on your website and implemented in your practice. Don’t miss the chance to snag everything at such a discounted price.

If you would like to get started, contact me and let me know.  If your area is available (we don’t work with competitors), I will then email you back the link where you can download all of the campaign pieces.  Easy peasy!

P.S. If you would like to talk about some of the other e-book campaigns we have available on many topics related to estate planning and elder law, schedule a no-strings virtual cup of coffee with me. I’d love to talk over how we can help with your marketing!