Low Cost Easy Ways to Repel Tire-kickers and Attract Deep-Pocket Clients To Your Firm

If you’re sick and tired of tire-kickers and D-list clients finding their way to your office, it’s time to take a look at your overall client experience and see how you can create an environment that attracts only the best and ideal clients to your firm.

The good news is that it doesn’t take deep pockets to attract those who have them. If you’re goal is to reach affluent clients, or simply those who can easily afford your services, a few simple positioning techniques will do the trick.

My right hand gal, Amber, decided to surprise her foodie husband for Valentine’s Day by taking him to Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant in New York City rated the 10th best in the world. At $195 a plate (not including drinks!), they certainly know something about attracting affluent customers.

As she shared her experience with me, we noticed that many of the techniques they used to create an exceptional client experience and attract high quality patrons were similar to how we accomplish the same goals for the firms we work with. I want to compare these strategies and give you 4 easy steps that you can implement this week to start attracting
better quality prospects to your firm. Here we go:

1. They secured the reservation with a credit card. This is HUGE. This 5-star restaurant knew the value of their tables and only allowed reservations if you gave a credit card number to hold your place. If you canceled within 48 hours of your dinner, you were charged $125 per person because they lost valuable time and money that could have been spent serving other patrons. YOUR time is equally valuable!If you struggle with cancellations or a lack of respect of your time, it’s time to start securing free consultations with a credit card. Have your staff tastefully explain that while there is no charge for the meeting, you do require a credit card to hold the space and it will only be billed in the event of a no-show, as you often run a waitlist during the month. This step alone will weed out those who would have wasted your time in the first place, and subliminally conveys to the prospective client the true value of working with you.

2. They maximized 3rd Party Endorsements– How did Amber know the restaurant she picked was the best? Because everything she found online and on their website told her they were the best! They prominently made mention of their Star Michelin rating and had plaques of their awards around the restaurant. They had great reviews that were easily found online. They had tons of fans and followers on social media networks that built credibility and trust. These types of third party endorsements MATTER to those who would consider spending a lot of money with you. They want reassurance that you are the best and that they are making the right decision. The good news is that this is super easy to pull off. Start gathering testimonials from happy clients and putting them on your website, your brochures, your welcome packet, etc. If you’ve won any awards (even if you paid for them like “Best Attorney in Town” in the local paper) flaunt them! Start writing press releases or letters to the editors that land you media coverage you can use as an “endorsement” from the press. Ask people to leave you great reviews on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc. Run a Facebook ad to build up your social media “Fan” base. When prospects know you’re good, they’ll be a bit more prepared to pay your fees…and these steps offer a great way toot your own horn without crossing ethical lines.

3. They Clearly Set Expectations from the Start– We’ve all had those needy clients who harass your staff, complain about everything and insist on talking to you almost daily. By the time you calculate the time spent with these people, minus your fees, you’re almost guaranteed a financial loss. This can easily be mitigated, or eliminated all together, by setting expectations right from the start. Although Amber made her reservation online, she received a phone call the next day from the Maître d’. He confirmed that she understood the pricing, explained that it would take 3 ½ hours to complete the 15-course meal and discussed dress code. It was a very friendly conversation but set expectations right from the start of what was and was not acceptable. You can accomplish the same goals in your office. Every client who schedules a consultation should receive a pre-meeting package. This may contain answers to frequently asked questions, your fee schedule, office policies, contact information of people on your staff, etc. The goal is to answer all of their questions and suppress complaints before they even have a chance to voice them. Tell them how your communication policy works and how often you’ll be in touch. Think of qualifiers you can convey to ensure you are only meeting with people ready to move forward with your services. For example, one of our clients insists married couples come in together for a consultation. If one is not available for the meeting, the appointment is rescheduled for a time when he or she can be. It’s practically impossible to move forward without the other present, so she sets the expectation and guards against time wasters right from the start. Think of ways you can do the same in your firm.

4. They Shocked and Awed– While she wasn’t particularly in-love with the food (her husband happens to be a great cook and she’s spoiled), Amber couldn’t deny the first class service she received that truly made it a worthwhile experience. They were greeted by name by people waiting to take their coats. The staff was polite, accommodating and made them feel like the only people in the room. Details mattered. Extra and over-the-top touches were the norm. They were even presented with a gift of granola for breakfast the next day! These are all critical things that you must be doing in your office, starting TODAY. Think of ways to make working with you a first-class, red-velvet rope experience. Invest in the “people skills” of your staff. Insist on a culture of first-class service in your office.Make people feel welcome and important. One of our clients has welcome signs printed for clients with their name on it and they are instantly greeted with waters, snacks, coffee and tea as they wait for their appointment. Overhaul your décor and look for ways to create a more warm and non-threatening environment. Create your own over-the-top touches. Another client of ours gives beautiful cakes from a bakery with their firm logo on it to every client after their document signing. You can imagine the impression this leaves and people can’t stop talking about it! Simple attention to detail will make people feel good about their experience and encourage them to refer their friends and family—which are typically warm and better quality leads right from the start!

Working with YOU should be a 5-star experience, and as you can see by these examples, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time or money to raise the bar. When you create a culture of quality and excellence, you’ll attract higher quality clients…causing you less stress.


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