Let’s talk leads! 

You may know that we serve as fractional CMOs for a bunch of practices. In that role, we manage all the firm’s vendors and I’ve observed some strategies that are working well to drive new appointments and prospects.

One that’s really caught my eye lately and is actually panning out to qualified appointments are LSAs, or Local Service Ads, and highly optimized Google Business Profiles. And I’ve been working with a vendor who manages these and is getting our clients results!

LSA ads appear at the very top of Google search results, even above the traditional pay-per-click ads, and they showcase businesses that have been vetted and approved by Google.

In my own quest to become more familiar with how they work, the metrics that show success, etc., Ryan from Accelerate Marketing, is my go to for questions, because he gives me the info I’m looking for without trying to sell me something or painting this tool with rose-colored glasses.

I thought this information would be equally valuable for all of you who may be trying to decide if this is also a tool that might work in your firm.

Because our conversations are always packed with so much value and insight we decided to go live on his YouTube channel and I wanted to share that recording here:

We dove in and discussed all about what LSAs do, what they don’t, best practices and more. It’s not a sales pitch—it’s an open hour of education to help you figure out if LSAs are right for your practice and some really great advice on how to optimize your Google Business Profile. And what you absolutely must have in place before you spend a dime on paid advertising!

Cheers to getting more leads for your firm (and converting them!)