Facing the Delegation Decision? Let’s Explore the Pros and Cons

Keeping your pipeline full of new clients is truly a full-time job. Between newsletters, blogs, referral outreaches, seminars, campaigns, and funnels, there’s a lot to manage… and for many firms… that means bringing on some help.

AI or VA/Marketing Assistant? Insights to ponder:

AI Tools: Their efficiency is unquestionable, but they aren’t without pitfalls. Many of these tools, especially those in startup phases, may not always produce consistent or desired results, check out the recent post from a member of my team on my facebook page here at a huge fail, and a laugh. The outputs can sometimes be generic, lacking the nuanced understanding needed for the complexities of estate planning and elder law. While they’re evolving rapidly, mastering their constant updates can be time-consuming and diverting your attention or your staff’s from key legal work. The question remains: Is navigating their complexities the best investment of your resources?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) or Marketing Assistants:

1. Legal Nuances: The intricacies of estate and elder law require tailored expertise. To really outsource your marketing, you’ll need to find a VA that understands both direct-response marketing, the pain points of your clients, what makes them BUY, and the law. Not impossible…but it’s a tough combination to pin down.

2. Ethical Issues: Many marketing VAs are unaware of ethics constraints in our field and parameters around what can – or cannot—be said on your platforms. Having a conversation upfront about these issues is paramount to keep your firm out of trouble.

3. Emotionally Attuned: Marketing for estate planning requires a special touch. The question is, how deep can a VA delve without a ton of training of this niche?

Here’s where we can help out.

If you hire (or have) a VA or in-house assistant: Our Law Firm Marketing Mastery Program is designed to augment their strengths, and help them learn, understand and easily implement a comprehensive marketing plan for you.

  • We Provide Them with A+ Content: Everyone on our team has that unique blend of legal, sales and marketing experience—and we know how to get results and create marketing that will resonate with your prospective clients. Each month, we give your assistant access to their personal marketing folder where they will unlock a fully designed newsletter, blog content, video content, social media, electronic newsletter, etc. Everything is DONE, but also editable in case you or the team wants to make a few tweaks. Super simple! Your team has all of the educational/marketing/legal-technical content they need to hit the ground running each month, which means they can use the rest of their time in the community making connections, networking in social media groups or even making marketing phone calls—which requires a ton of time and attention!
  • Ethical Grounding: We are here to help empower your VA in the area of compliance. All of our content is created with ethical concerns in mind, and we teach your staff the nuisances to be aware of during our co-creation labs.
  • Tech Evolutions: We help navigate the rapid shifts in digital tools. Again, during our coaching sessions, we are sharing our screens with your team and teach them how to use new tools to bring more impactful marketing results to the practice.

Oh, and the investment for all of that? It’s crazy affordable. Just $597 a month.

This is the best way for us to lock arms with YOUR team. We’ll work together as one unit to get things done and you’ll have a powerhouse marketing department working for your practice for a fraction of what it would cost to bring in a CMO.

Whether your team is solo, has a VA, or is contemplating a different direction – we offer tailored solutions. It’s about synergy – you excel in bringing the peace of mind to the clients by creating comprehensive plans, and we in marketing efficiency.

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