How’s that newsletter working out for you?

If you are struggling to find the time to keep in touch with your clients and/or prospects, might I suggest you start sending a regular newsletter with great content and promotional materials for your firm?

When I start working with a new client, I pretty much insist that they start sending at least an electronic newsletter to their database.   My absolute preference is that a client sends BOTH an ezine each month (or bi-weekly) and a print newsletter by mail.  I want to be infiltrating the prospect’s inbox AND their mailbox whenever I can!

The reason I insist on mailing newsletters is that they WORK.  Newsletters are cost effective, they keep you at the top of mind of your client/ referral base and they provide something of value to the people receiving them.  With a simple mailing your clients and prospects feel nurtured, attended to and empowered by the great material you are sending them each and every month.

That’s just some of the benefits that the CLIENT experiences. But what about YOU?

When my attorneys give me a breakdown of where their business is coming from each month, it NEVER fails that they are brining in new business directly from their newsletters.

Think about it: when your content is written in such a way that is intriguing and informational, people will forward your electronic newsletter to their family and friends.  Or they’ll save a print newsletter and hand it to a loved one to check out. You are making it easy to share your services with others and new business will often come in as a result.

Same is true when you are promoting workshops and seminars. Again, many of our clients get a good number of sign ups from their newsletter mailings.  Whether it’s old prospects that are finally convinced that they need your help and raise their hand to attend, or new leads who have been forwarded your content by their family or friends, sending a newsletter is a really effective way to put butts in seats for your events!

If you are not sending newsletters in your practice, let me urge you to make this the month that you start!

If you don’t have anyone on staff who can handle creating a newsletter for you from soup-to-nuts, including writing a personal note from the attorneys to keep your readers hooked on your content and opening your materials each and every month, let’s chat!

We specialize in electronic newsletters, print newsletters, advertising inserts and complete management of your electronic database systems (i.e. Infusionsoft, iContact) to create beautiful HTML content emails.  We also handle printing and mailing.

I’d be happy to send you a sample of some of our most recent client mailings if you would like to see for yourself what we can do for you and your firm..  Just email me and I’ll send you the goods!



Would you like to talk about how we can help you save time on your marketing and help you turn ideas into action? Simply schedule a time on my calendar for a no-strings virtual cup of coffee.