CYA if Your Team is Playing with ChatGPT and AI!

Have you played with ChatGPT yet? It’s a free AI software that’s taken the internet by storm.

I’ve messed around with it a bit and it’s a neat tool. I’m certainly excited for all of the possibilities unfolding in the AI space.

Buttttttt… there are some big issues. And, I’m specifically concerned today for law firm teams.

If your staff is using this tool without your knowledge to create content… it’s time to have a general “CYA” conversation. Here’s why:

1. Answers are not always honest. Here’s a screenshot of a thread the CTO of Ripple Labs posted on Twitter yesterday to demonstrate.

Truth be told, we don’t know what’s being programmed into these platforms yet. It’s still like the Wild Wild West of the early internet.

2. It will make up academic citations—including court cases. I have seen this firsthand. Your team must check and double check that any cases cited by AI!

3. The impact on search results is still unknown.

Representatives at Google have admitted that the platform does have an AI Detector and it is still working to determine how AI content is dealt with in search results. Experiments have been done to see what does and does not trip these filters and in all instances, editing of the content on some level is still required.

Here’s my take for now: tools like this can help your team come up with drafts and inspirational “first starts.” I liken it to Canva. Canva has made life easier and more efficient for all of us who know just enough about graphic design to be dangerous.

However, when I need something professional that’s going to clients created, EVEN IF ITS BEING DESIGNED IN CANVA for easy editing later, I’m still going to have a professional graphic designer on my team take care of it for me.

It’s always great to have helpful tools in the toolbox. We just all have to be aware of their limitations and when it’s time to ditch the cyborgs and call in the humans.

If you need some rock star humans to help get your marketing DONE, let’s chat about how we can help!