Attracting the Types of Cases You Want with SEO

Because of the specialization within the field of law, you clearly don’t want to attract every kind of case.  Any tax lawyer who has friends asking her for family law advice knows this only too well.  You have your specific knowledge base, and you want to use it.  When potential clients are coming to you for the wrong things, it wastes everyone’s time.  Worse yet, what about those who have exactly the right kinds of cases but aren’t bringing them to you at all?

Perhaps one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal is your business’ web site.  Fortunately, it is also fairly easy to manipulate your web site into helping drive very targeted traffic to your door.  The nature of search engines like Google and Bing provides you the opportunity to narrow down the types of clients who are finding you and calling you for help.

Through search engine optimization (SEO), you are able to develop your web site in a way that helps you to be found by those who are looking for precisely what you offer, while also discouraging those who need a different type of attorney altogether.  If you’ve optimized your site correctly, you are more likely to pop up in the search results for “estate planning attorney orange county” and pretty unlikely to pop up for “elder lawyer in California.”  (Assuming you are an estate planning attorney and not an elder lawyer, of course.)

Pay Attention to Your Copy

You will come across lots of tips when it comes to SEO, but as with most things on the Web, the answer boils down to those three words: “Content is king.”  You want the content on your site to clearly reflect who you are and what you do, without any ambiguity.  If you don’t provide representation for divorces, avoid using the word “divorce” on your site.  On the other hand, if you assist with prenuptial planning, be sure to mention it, and to do so repeatedly.  You can improve your chances of being found by including your city or state, too, even going so far as to use phrases like “prenuptial lawyer in Denver.”  That way, you’re more likely to show up in results when someone is looking for a Colorado-based lawyer and less likely to show up when they want someone in Hawaii.

The goal isn’t to “spam” the system, though.  Remember that real people will be reading your copy, and if it’s full of obvious keyword phrases that don’t flow well or that appear too often, it’s going to be a turnoff.  Instead, think of the phrases that will speak to your target market and then sprinkle them naturally throughout your site.


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