AI is accelerating – How do you plan to keep up?

Amber and I just got back from the World AI Summit in Austin, and wow – our minds are blown. The capabilities being developed to automate and streamline practice management and client flow issues in law firms are truly incredible.

As early adopters in the AI space, we’ve seen the tools evolve from a slow start to a breakneck pace that can be tough to keep up with. And if it’s challenging for us, whose job it is to stay ahead of these changes, I can only imagine the overwhelm practice owners might feel when their current methods become as outdated as the yellow pages after the internet took over.

But don’t worry – I’ve got your back. I’m committed to sharing the information and best practices I uncover right here in my blog as I perfect them. Plus, I’m always chatting about the tools we’re using and how to use them in our free Facebook group, which you can access here: We’ve built a fantastic collaborative community, and I believe that’s crucial as we navigate the changes ahead together.

Now, as we start to put out “how-to” guides on the things we’re working on or developing, I want to know how you learn best. Would a YouTube link with a screen recording be most helpful? Or do you prefer a longer, webinar-style training? Maybe you’re a reader and would rather have a PDF with screenshots and step-by-step instructions? If you have a quick second, hit “reply” and let me know what works best for you.

Have a great week, and remember – we’re in this together!