A Second Strategy To Capture “Off-Limits” Leads

Last week we talked about a sneaky (and effective!) way to collect leads at speaking events where it might be frowned upon. Well, I’ve got another tried-and-true strategy for you, and you should deploy it at EVERY event:

Hold a GOOD raffle!

It breaks down barriers by making things fun and lowering anxiety in the room. The key? Tailor the prize to your audience. For example, are you speaking to:

  • Parents? Dinner for two at a nice restaurant in town is always appreciated.
  • Exhausted healthcare workers? Wine baskets or spa gift certificates are a treat.
  • Business pros? How about a night at a cool venue like Top Golf?

You get the idea. Even on a budget, you can be creative. One of our team members raffled off an Italian-themed basket with goodies from HomeGoods for a health fair. Everyone was excited to enter!

Use pre-printed “tickets” that attendees can fill out with their contact details, an evaluation form if it’s an event you are speaking at, or even a sticky note if it comes down to it! Whatever works… the goal is to collect that info!

Let me know if you try this – it’s always a hit.