37 Webinar Signups Shows That Done Is Better Than Perfect!

Here is a quick note to remind you that whatever project you are sitting on…

…the one that is just so “close” to launching.

…the one that has been languishing on your desk for months.

…that one is not yet perfect but GOOD ENOUGH.




Whatever it is.

Do it.

We started with a brand-new client less than a month ago. They had been holding webinars for parents of minor kids that weren’t getting the signups they were hoping for.

They hired us to overhaul the whole process and create a backend that was more automated and systematized. The goal was to get some more momentum and “stickiness” behind their seminar marketing activities.

However, I found out that they already had an event scheduled for the end of this month before I knew we’d have any of the “backend” pieces in place (the new landing page, the upgraded email marketing pieces, CRM, etc.)

Was I going to pump the breaks and ask them to cancel that event? HECK NO.

They had an Eventbrite page for sign-ups, an email list that they’ve been lovingly nurturing and a few hundred to spend on a Facebook ad. Plus, I knew on our end we could still overhaul:

  • The copywriting (which is arguably the most important factor!)
  • The visibility of the content; and
  • The frequency of the posting about the event

Again, not perfect. Not ideal. But GOOD ENOUGH TO GET RESULTS.

So, our team whipped up some new pieces for them pretty quickly and we got to work with what we had. BECAUSE DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT and having a few new clients on the calendar from a marketing webinar is better than none, right?

Well, I’m happy to say that working with what we had was the right call because as of this morning, they have 37 signs ups which is a record for them.

For the next webinar, we’ll relaunch with more of the features that I prefer for our tracking and seminar management. But—stepping one foot in front of the other still gets us to the finish line.

Sometimes marketing can feel overwhelming. I hope this made it feel less overwhelming for you and/or your team today.

Just start somewhere. You got this. I’m always here to help.