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Refreshing Your Content for Better Results

Your marketing materials are so important for reaching out to prospective clients.  The time and effort that goes into creating the perfect web site or brochure can be intense, but the simple choice of words can play a pretty significant role in the number of folks who make it through the front door.  We live in a time when content gets stagnant pretty quickly, though, so don’t forget to revisit your content and give it some tweaking from time to time.

Obviously, it’s harder to update your print collateral than your digital marketing materials.  Because of the way the printing industry has changed in the last decade, though, it’s reasonable to update even your brochures and flyers between printings.  Whether you want to go with a whole new look or just update a bullet point list of services, there doesn’t have to be a whole lot of cost involved.

Your web site is even less of a hassle to update, and it may be even more important.  Search engines are constantly reviewing your web content, and when they register that it has been recently updated, they take note of that.  The idea is that a site that has recent changes must be active, while one that has been stagnant for some time may not be relevant or even in use anymore.

Changes to your site can range from minor to major.  A few quick tweaks might include:

  • Update your bio to reflect additional education or achievements
  • Add directions to your office from nearby public transit
  • Update your client list
  • Rearrange your list of services
  • Add in keyword phrases for better SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Add a Facebook follow button or email subscription feature
  • Slowly expand sections over time to include more information than before

More in-depth changes would have to do with rewriting entire sections altogether.  Perhaps you have reevaluated the tone of your copy (too formal, too friendly, too vague) and want to come at it from an entirely different angle to see if that affects response rates.  You might also consider adding a “frequently asked questions” page.  This can help potential clients to evaluate if your services will be a good fit for them, allowing those who would not be a good match to “self-select” out before ever even calling the office.

Don’t overlook the value of blogging for your law practice either.  Blogs mean that you are continually adding new content to your web site, and as we mentioned above, the search engines tend to rank updated sites higher on results pages.  Our clients are seeing a great return on the efforts they’ve put into their blogs.

So how about a little spring cleaning for your website and marketing materials this week?  Dedicate a few hours and freshen up your online real estate. Then move on to your print materials and other collateral to ensure everything is an accurate reflection of your brand. If you ‘re not sure about the look or feel of something, please feel free hit “reply” and share it with me and my team for some unbiased feedback. We promise to be gentle (…well, maybe not gentle but at the very least honest!)  Or please feel free to post your links or questions on our Facebook page. We have a wonderful community of attorneys and professionals who would be happy to look at your materials with fresh eyes and offer an opinion.

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