"Discover the Simple Solution That Consistently Gets You High-Paying Clients Every Month...With Virtually No Effort On Your Part AND Without Breaking the Bank!"

What if I told you I could give you all the marketing pieces you need to drive high-paying clients to your estate or elder law firm each month and you don’t have to do a thing but hit copy, paste, and send?


I can feel your eyeroll from here. I get it. I worked for 12 years in-house at an estate planning firm. It was rare that any outsourced marketing company could get our “tone” right, let alone use a level of competency, professionalism, or even basic grammar, that we expected in the office.



I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on resources designed to “free up my time” and “make my life easier” like pre-written blogs or social media content only to be left underwhelmed, frustrated, or feeling downright ripped off. 

Our Content Made Simple Program Is Designed To Address The Need In Our Industry For Quality, Affordable, And Easy-To-Implement Marketing Materials That Will Have New Client Appointments Filling Your Calendar.

“Legal Marketing Maven is the REAL DEAL!”

“When hiring someone to ‘help’ with your marketing you always expect and then are surprised when they under deliver. I can assure you the Legal Marketing Maven’s only surprise was how much they over delivered. They understand attorneys and they understand the ever-evolving world of ‘online.’ If you want to rank #1 on google, hire anybody, if you want to dominate the internet sphere, hire the Mavens! Don’t judge a marketer by their accent (uh, this is a joke). You have two simple choices–outspend your competition or outsmart your competition. Legal Marketing Maven’s behind-the-scenes success team helps you outsmart without outspending, every time. They are nice. Success is measured by results. LM2 gets results.”


– Brian M., Attorney at Law

What’s In the Package?

Each month, your law firm receives:

A Weekly Blog Post

We strike a delicate and mindful balance between writing blogs that are conversational, factual, empowering, yet also beneficial for search results. You won’t feel like our articles are “stuffed” or “canned.” They’re written with direct response marketing fundamentals in mind, so each post will gently lead consumers toward taking the next step to work with your firm.

Daily content for all of your social media channels

If clients are looking for help on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, our content will “wow” them during their investigation of your practice!  We curate monthly social content that links back to relevant news articles and your website so you are putting out a mixed variety of information that is helpful and engaging without being overly promotional.


You also get ten (10) specially designed-for-you graphic posts each month with estate or elder law tips (or celebrating holidays/observances) to keep your pages visually sharp and to give your readers content they actually want to like and share.


Our clients tell us they regularly book appointments directly from our social media posts! 

Weekly Completely Done-For-You Videos

I’ve never met an attorney who enjoys video marketing. It can be stressful, awkward, and hard to know what to talk about or say. We take all of that frustration away by creating a weekly video on an estate planning or elder law topic that is put to slides with music and completely done for you. No more tech headaches or dreading stepping in front of the camera!

Monthly Email Newsletter

The e-newsletters feel so personal and authentic that our clients tell us how people “reply” back and start conversations with them, and appointments are scheduled nearly every time one goes out. Email marketing is one of our top specialties here at Legal Marketing Maven, and we promise you will not feel like you are sending something “generic” to your database when you use our content. And think of how nice it will feel to have an email newsletter going out to your entire database each and every month without fail so you know you are connecting with your clients, prospects, and referral sources CONSISTENTLY and easily!

Print Newsletter

Stay in your client’s mailbox each month, so you remain top-of-mind! Your email newsletter is entertaining to read, educational, and always conveys the value of working with your practice. Each edition is fully customizable so you can fill in your upcoming events, firm news, and community spotlights without breaking a sweat! We’ve had attorneys tell us they have had prospects on their list for years who finally booked an appointment after receiving the newsletter. They’ve even brought copies in with them highlighted and full of notes! It’s the least stressful yet biggest impact newsletter you’ll ever send.

Bi-Monthly Strategy & Accountability Group Meetings with Laura Lee

You and your team will join Laura Lee twice monthly for Strategy & Accountability live Zoom meetings. As a member, you get to tap into Laura Lee’s 30+ years of working with hundreds of Estate and Elder law firms to scale and grow their practices. Members check in using our proprietary Monthly Accountability Spreadsheet to track their progress and to help ensure all the pieces of the marketing machine are running smoothly. Laura Lee shares what’s working now during the meetings, gives suggestions on marketing in the coming months, and answers any questions you and your team have on how to improve marketing efforts and overcome any roadblocks.


Four hour long trainings for you and/or your team where we share and train how to implement each piece of the program!

This is where we give you and your team the 
complete blueprint of how the pieces are implemented—including “who does what and when” so you can hit the ground running without confusion, stress or guesswork.


These trainings will ensure that nothing stops you from getting the results you expect and deserve! 

“Laura Lee has that rare combination of extensive knowledge about her subject and a passion for the people and businesses that she helps to succeed.”

“During our personal accountability phone calls, Laura Lee has helped me to refocus and shift my mindset to solve problems, and she has helped me to develop specific strategies to overcome the challenges that I face in my business and see incredible results. I consider Laura Lee to be both a professional and personal mentor. She truly cares about the businesses and people that she works with.”


– Candice A., Attorney at Law

How Will Content Made Simple

Help You Grow Your Practice?

You’ll free up your TIME.

Since you don’t have to worry about creating or editing a ton of content, you can focus on the marketing “to do” items that you can’t outsource like building personal relationships!

You’ll free up your team’s time, too.

No longer will your staff have to scour the internet for marketing inspiration or spend hours on research, writing, and designing. Instead, you’ll be giving them professional and polished marketing materials each month that they can hit the ground running with. This frees them up to spend more time growing and nurturing relationships and ensuring that everyone who comes in contact with your firm has a white glove experience. 

Referrals from professional partners and past clients will naturally flow...

 in because these materials will keep you top-of-mind and remind them that you are the “go-to authority” on Estate Planning and Elder Law matters. 

You’ll truly put your marketing on autopilot.

The cash flow roller-coaster will stop as the number of clients coming through the door each month will become consistent. This, of course, will make revenue predictable, too.

You’ll be sending out so much authoritative content...

…via your email list, website, mailers, and social media channels that people in your community will naturally see you as the top choice for their estate or elder law needs and always recommend you to their family and friends. 

“Laura Lee is all about giving the more to empower attorneys to market effectively.

“There are marketing professionals and coaches that go ‘rah rah’ and little more. Laura Lee is all about giving the more to empower attorneys to market effectively – with a system of accountability and a little rah-rah thrown in for good measure. 

Her materials include the warmth attorneys need in order to change potential clients from strangers into relationships. 

Her team is responsive and solution-oriented. 


Laura Lee does not hide the ball – she takes the time to teach you and your team. If you need knowledge outside of her and her team’s areas of expertise, she is happy to provide warm introductions to specialists. She has helped and is helping my practice go from meet and greet marketing to efficient marketing practices that free up my time and bring more clients in the door. 


I highly recommend Laura Lee Sparks.”


Joel W., Attorney at Law

Why Work with Legal Marketing Maven

Over Other Law Firm Marketing Agencies?

There are no long-term contracts.

You can try us and cancel at ANY TIME, and we’ll part as friends.

We give you marketing content with no strings attached.

The content is yours forever to do what you please with on your website or social accounts. 

Everyone on our core team has a legal background and we understand your ethical constraints.

We are mindful of the things you can and cannot say when marketing and we do everything with excellence and professionalism in mind. Not to mention Laura Lee brings 30+ years of hands-on experience in working with Estate and Elder law firms to the table.

We’re accessible.

You need something, you contact us directly—via phone or email. There’s no help desk, automated customer service bots, or hoops to jump through. Same with our core staff. If you have content topic ideas or want to see some specific changes, just reach out and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Everyone on the team is US based.

We ONLY create these materials for estate and elder law firms.

We are a company that lives and breathes this practice area. Again, our team members have worked in-house, attended law school, and some are practicing attorneys. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our legal/technical knowledge and how naturally we write and market for you. (Shhhhh: we also create content behind-the-scenes for a number of nationally renowned estate and elder law membership organizations that you likely know and belong to! We know our stuff.)

“I highly recommend Legal Marketing Maven, Laura Lee and her entire staff!”

“Laura Lee and her staff are amazing. They have given me materials and ideas that I can immediately use, that are not only cost effective but result in a huge return on investment!”


Jonathan S., Attorney at Law

About Laura Lee

To really understand how we are different, you should know a little bit about my story…


When my kids were young, I started “teleworking,” which was a new concept during dial-up internet days. Yet even at a distance, I was able to manage the staff, ensure clients received white glove service through our automations and systems and to keep my attorneys’ calendars full with new and well-paying clients.


After I got a rock-solid system down for “virtual” marketing, I started opening my books to other practices. They were also getting amazing results (more appointments, charging higher fees, attracting better quality clients, taking more vacations, etc.), and that’s when I realized I had created something special.

From there, I started growing the team. I only hired core staff members who had legal backgrounds. Some were practicing attorneys, others had been to law school, paralegal school, or worked in-house at firms before transitioning to a virtual career. I think it’s also important to tell you that during the years of building my business, I was a full-time caregiver for my aging father, mother, and mother-in-law before they passed.


Shortly after, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and I cared for him until he passed from cancer. Finally, I’m very transparent that I lost my son a few years ago because we could not get the resources or help we needed to deal with his grief over losing his dad.


I do not hesitate to tell you that the years of tragedy, struggle, and hardship that I went through have become the fuel for everything that I do and the purpose for this company.


Remember, I had a legal background and yet I still struggled to access benefits to offset care costs. I left resources on the table because we hadn’t planned in advance for that type of illness. I was told I couldn’t communicate with doctors on my son’s behalf because I didn’t have the right legal documents in place, even though I was paying all of the bills. I practically had a nervous breakdown as a burnt-out caregiver and discovered first-hand that having a rock-solid estate or elder law plan in place before a crisis strikes really changes everything.


With everything I learned, I knew I could use this company to make a difference for other families who were in my shoes.


That’s why you’ll find that everything created by LM2, whether it’s blog content, social media content, email marketing, web content—whatever, comes from my passion and firm belief that estate planning is critical for every adult over 18. This mission allows our team to market our attorneys from a place of true service, not “selling” so the tone is always pitch-perfect for the lawyer and the consumer alike.

“Laura Lee and her team have been instrumental in helping me consistently put out quality and informative content in my community."

“I have worked with other companies and virtual marketers in the past but have run into problems because they didn’t understand my industry or brand. Laura Lee and her team took the time to better understand me and have helped me refine my messaging so that my brand resonates. What is most important to me is the value of the content which is above board. I am constantly getting great feedback on my presence and the helpfulness of the content. I also don’t need to manage them, it’s more like the other way around! They keep me on task for deadlines and help me to keep the marketing engine moving forward. Which was something else that was lacking with others I’ve worked with in the past. I wanted valuable content, brand awareness, and someone to make the process easy. They nailed it on all those marks and more! Plus, Laura Lee has so many great marketing resources available to her clients and earnestly cares about them. That in and of itself is invaluable.”


– Kevin S., Attorney at Law

What’s My Investment?

To recap, you receive:

for just $597 per month.


Or, you can pay in full for the year and get two months free (total investment $5,970).


Bonus Pay In Full – As a bonus with the full-year option, you will receive a one-on-one hour-long coaching call with Laura Lee to map out your entire marketing plan for the next 12 months.

Either way, there is no catch or hidden fees. Ever.

If you’ve ever priced these items separately, you know these materials are worth well over $597 in their own right (graphic designers alone charge $75 an hour and legal copywriters triple that!). But, we have been blessed to have so many wonderful clients over the years that we are able to scale our efforts and offer this price point.


“Laura Lee and her team are wonderful to work with. Their content is unlike any I have ever used and I get compliments on it ALL the TIME! They have great ideas, great attention to detail, and are always willing to answer questions and help with any idea I have. They go above and beyond and are worth every penny.”


Laurie O., Attorney at Law

Money-Back Guarantee

Whether you pay in full for the year or monthly, you have ZERO risk!  We guarantee our work, and if you don’t completely love the materials you receive, you can send us an email and we will refund your purchase without questions or hassles. You have nothing to lose!

Ready to Get Started?


If you don’t have time to write your own marketing content…


If you have been left disappointed by outsourced marketing content in the past…



If you already have an in-house team but they are struggling to create all of the marketing pieces that are necessary to grow your practice…

Then Our Content Made Simple Program is Likely the Simple Solution You Are Looking For!


Try it; there’s no RISK. Again, you can sign up now, download the materials, and if you don’t love them, we’ll refund your purchase immediately with no questions asked.


But, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what arrives in your inbox.



Let’s get started!

“The entire Legal Marketing Maven team is awesome. They are right on top of things, friendly, responsive to ANY questions!”

“Last February, I hired Legal Marketing Maven to help me with marketing and social media. I had never worked with a marketing team before. I was a bit skeptical as to what I was going to get. Well, they blew me away. 


(1) The marketing materials are awesome. Within a matter of months of using their materials and services, I was receiving calls from health care providers and other power partners wanting to meet with me to see how we could refer business to each other. I have also had so many interviews that I’m putting a special “press” button on my website. I was actually featured as the expert on a special report by CBS News in San Francisco. I NEVER could have accomplished that on my own. (2) The entire Legal Marketing Maven team is awesome. They are right on top of things, friendly, responsive to questions – even my dumb ones. 


The writing for the blogs, newsletters, and socials are really high quality, require no editing, and convert like crazy! I LOVE working with them.”



Nancy C., Attorney at Law

P.S. There is ZERO RISK to try our Content Made Simple Materials! You can fill out the form below, pay for the first month, download EVERYTHING, and cancel if it’s not for you. We’ll give you all of your money back and you can keep the content. We offer this huge guarantee because we are so confident in our work and we know that 99.9% of our attorney clients love what we create. So, we’ll gladly shoulder all of the risk to make it as easy as possible for you to check us out!

What are you waiting for?



“Laura Lee Sparks and her team at Legal Marketing Maven (LM2) are fantastic! With her 21 Day Bootcamp and DFY marketing materials and now the new Inner Circle Accountability & Private Group Coaching Program, lawyers can get great materials to help market their practice and the support and accountability that is so critical in making sure you use it consistently and effectively. 


I have been featured in local news media (television, radio, newspapers, and even a prestigious industry magazine for Georgia CPAs), I have improved my website and I have begun adding videos to my marketing mix. And now I have a detailed marketing calendar which I use to plug in the exact campaigns, blogs, press releases, videos and print newsletter content I will be using throughout the entire year. All of these have resulted in great increases in prospects and engaged clients. 


I can’t thank Laura Lee and the team enough for all they have done and continue to do!”


– Steve W., Attorney at Law