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You DO NOT Want to Miss This…..

Last week at NAELA, we announced some big changes in our Done For You Marketing Program for Estate and Elder Lawyers. (One of the biggest is a huge PRICE DROP but keep reading).

If you weren’t there and missed it, here’s what’s up…

Each month we create marketing materials specific to Estate and Elder Law attorneys and those in the program receive:

  • 4 SEO Optimized Blog Articles
  • 4 Video Scripts
  • Print Newsletter
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Press Release
  • Monthly Implementation Call

limited-time-offer-1438906_640ALL OF THESE MATERIALS ARE IN A FULLY EDITABLE FORMAT READY FOR YOU TO USE HOWEVER YOU WOULD LIKE. There is NO “Legal Marketing Maven” branding because that would not be in line with our goal of making YOU the ROCK STAR Estate/Elder Law Attorney in your community!

Now, for the two big changes:

First – you now have control over the campaigns.

Many attorneys that I spoke with over the years really wanted to be in control of what campaigns they were receiving (Ha! imagine that!!). They worried that the campaign “of the month” wouldn’t be something that they wanted or needed. The new program puts YOU in control.  We will select THREE campaigns each month (we have over 80 and create more each month!). YOU will select which one of the three you would like to receive. It will then be delivered with your other materials.

Second big change is the price.

We create educational-based marketing materials because it is incredibly important to us to help educate families about the importance of estate planning. Some would call it our “mission”. We know you don’t have a huge marketing budget to spend each month (despite what some marketing companies think). So we are leveraging all that we have created over the past 6 years and are offering this program, for a limited time for ONLY $697 a month.

You get all the control and all the materials AND your AREA EXCLUSIVITY for that price.

And to boot, I will GIVE you membership in the Inner Circle program. This is the program where I keep you and your team accountable in your marketing. So the ideas are just in your head but are actually getting done each week! Each week you and your team with get assignments, there is an online forum for check-in’s and support from me, my team and other lawyers and each month I host Open Office calls for strategy and training calls to keep you and your team up to date on all the latest and greatest marketing tools and procedures that we know are WORKING because we use them with our full implementation clients! This program is normally $97 a month but is INCLUDED with the DFY marketing program!

I’ll be around the next few days if you want to chat, but if you are interested and think this is a good fit for your practice shoot me back and email or go to to see if your area is available.

I have a ton of calls scheduled from lawyers I met with at NAELA to lock in territories, so if you are interested, don’t wait to see if your location is open before it’s gone.  

Again, just go to to see if we are currently working with someone in your area and we’ll be in touch to talk to you further about your desire to join the program.


Laura Lee Sparks
Legal Marketing Maven

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  1. you are right, it would be a crime to miss it! thanks for sharing!

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