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Do you have a “marketing” Nag?

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is THE DEADLINE – to purchase any of the campaigns that are in the vault!

A couple of my team members have asked about the number of messages we have sent out over the past two weeks about these campaigns via email and social. So I thought I’d address that real quick.

One of the greatest benefits that clients get when they work with us in an ongoing relationship is me and my team being their marketing “NAGS”. Despite how busy they are, we MAKE SURE that they are taking time to get us what we need to get their marketing DONE!

I have worked with estate and elder law attorneys for a VERY long time – well over 25 years now (Yikes that makes me sound old), and I KNOW you – and how you work.

  • You work by deadlines
  • Client work comes first
  • Working on YOUR business typically takes a back-seat (until the phones aren’t ringing)

These are the reasons I have been nagging you, and making sure you take a few minutes to look at these materials.

I know these campaigns will help you bring in and convert new business in 2017, and I don’t want you to miss out on the huge savings we are offering. These campaigns are tested, and I know they GET RESULTS!

Yes, you can watch the video where we walked you through them and swipe all of the ideas and do it yourself. But here is what I know, you probably won’t. Because it takes a LOT of time to write and design and lay it all out before you can roll it out. And, you get busy with client work and client deadlines and it doesn’t get DONE.

With these materials, we’ve done the hard part. They are ready for you and your team to ROLL OUT. And they are priced at a ridiculously low price point. (if you have ever hired a marketing company to write and design any marketing campaign for you, you know I am not exaggerating!)

So, yes, I’ve been a NAG and I’ve sent quite a few messages reminding you to not overlook this opportunity and to take action before the deadline tomorrow. But it is because I want to help you spread your message and do MORE of what you do best in 2017!

Click here to see if your area is available. Let’s get this done before tomorrow’s deadline.

Laura Lee

PS – once the deadline has passed these campaigns – IF available – will cost a minimum of $697! We only run this special once per year, don’t procrastinate.


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