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The most effective legal marketing plans are created… in a hotel room?

I’m back from Texas where Amber and I attended a digital marketing event. The trainings themselves were great, but as always for us, the real magic happened over dinner and drinks as we enjoyed uninterrupted time to map out our company’s marketing and lead generation strategies for the next quarter.

Untitled Design(TRANSLATION: No emails, phone calls, visitors, kids, their friends, staff members, the fed ex guy or pets to interrupt!)

I wasn’t surprised a bit on the last morning of the event when the main speaker (who works with some very big household names) told the audience how the most successful people he knows in business always book one extra day at the hotel when they attend conferences. He’s since gone on to adopt the same practice and believes it’s had a massive impact on his bottom line.

I GET IT! We are all busy serving our clients. We all have lives and things get crazy. It’s hard to deal with the client work we have on our plates, let alone carve out dedicated time to work ON the business, not just IN it.

That’s where some uninterrupted hotel time goes a long way. You have an opportunity to decompress from the event or CLE you are attending, chew on some ideas and use the quietness and seclusion to laser focus on business growth plans for your own LAW FIRM.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve set aside an intense day of planning, consider doing just this as we round out the summer. Some of my clients even book hotel rooms in their local city just to get away for 24 hours. Could you do the same?

It could make a big impact on how strong your practice performs as we head into the final months of the year. As always, I’d love to hear the plans or strategies you come up with when you are done. Feel free to post a comment and let me know what are you are planning on the marketing and practice management side!

Laura Lee Sparks
Founder – CEO
Consistency is Key – We make it HAPPEN!

P.S. If you come up with some really great marketing plans but don’t have the time, or staff members available to carry them out, I’d be happy to talk to you to discuss how we may be able to help, just email me and let’s schedule a time to chat, if we can’t help, I can point you in the direction of resources that can. Also, check out tip #2 in the featured article below :)

How Well Do You Implement Your Marketing Strategies?

Throughout my years of consulting with law firms about their marketing and practice management plans, I’ve found one consistent thing that is a barrier to success: implementation.

I get it. You’re busy with clients and making sure your office runs efficiently and turns a profit. You may love coming up with ambitious marketing plans, but just don’t have the time or resources to put them into action.

So how do you break out of this cycle and start really implementing your legal marketing plans so you can see significant growth in your law firm? I’ll share 3 tips I’ve picked up along the way that will get you on the path towards implementing those plans and seeing the money roll in:


The best legal marketing plan in the world won’t succeed unless there are realistic, measureable, and attainable goals attached to it. These goals should include items like how many referral contacts you want to make within a certain amount of time or how many speaking engagements you’d like to give on a regular basis. Setting up these smaller goals is the key to achieving that much larger goal of bringing in as many qualified clients as possible.

2. Enlist Some Help!

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Look to your staff for help achieving your marketing goals and use their strengths and talents in ways that will truly help to grow your law firm. If you’re still having trouble keeping up with your goals, like for example writing a certain amount of blog posts per month, then consider hiring outside marketing help to handle those things for you. You’ll be free to concentrate on the marketing activities that you enjoy and that you’re good at, but you’ll still have peace of mind that the other areas of your marketing plan are not being neglected.

3. Schedule Marketing Time Like Client Time

Treat your marketing efforts like you would any client that comes into your office. Schedule time in your calendar for marketing appointments or block of time to do work, and make sure everyone on your staff knows that this marketing time is just as important as client time. Getting into this mindset can be the difference between a firm that makes good money and a firm that makes great money.

4. Have Some Form of Accountability

I know that 90% of the attorneys that I work with, work by deadline. And YOUR work, especially the marketing stuff doesn’t have a deadline. (Until, you are looking up from the last of the client work and realizing there are no new clients coming in the door!) Consistency in your marketing is key to it’s success and that requires deadline and someone making sure those deadlines are not pushed back due to any circumstances. And yes, that includes client work! If you and/or your team need accountability when it comes to your marketing I highly suggest checking out our Inner Circle group. We do weekly assignments, Open Office calls with me, Training and more! You can test drive it for a month for only $1 to see all that we deliver. (And there’s a ton of bonuses too!)

Do you have any questions about how you can make these changes in your law firm? Do you want to talk about other strategies to help you implement your marketing plan? Then please feel free to email me here to schedule a free strategy session so we can discuss some ways to get your marketing plan off the ground and happening on a consistent basis. No high pressure sales, just simply a chance for us to have a “virtual” cup of coffee and chat about your business, I promise you will come away with a good plan for turning your ideas in actions!

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What Covfefe and your law firm should NOT have in common

Good morning—I’m enjoying a nice cup of Covfefe and laughs.  If you missed the President’s tweet “seen ‘round the world” before it was taken down **4 hours later **, here’s what I’m referring to.

Let me be clear that my giggles this morning have nothing to do with politics.  I’m a pretty apolitical person by nature.  My brain instead goes right to social media marketing and what a #FAIL this situation was on so many levels.  

Let me take you back a few years…

My first experience with a viral social media FAIL from a company was #MotrinMoms.  This was in the early days of Twitter when hashtags were just taking off as a way to track conversations across the entire platform.

The pain-reliever brand Motrin thought it would be clever to create a social media campaign that jabbed at Babywearing moms—you know, the ones that carry around their kids in some type of sling.   They even had the trendy hashtag- #MotrinMoms to go with the advertising.

The backlash was IMMEDIATE and I literally watched a huge mess unfold before my eyes.  Moms took over that hashtag with a VENGANCE, forcing a NATIONAL PR crisis for Motrin.  I’m not kidding when I tell you It. Was. War.  Boycotts happened. Advertising was pulled.  The “tweetstorm” was born.

Fast-forward to today: social media platforms have grown ridiculously over the years, which only increases the chances for companies to make HUGE mistakes that live on forever via the internet.

It’s more important than ever for attorneys to take EXTRA CARE with their social media marketing to avoid the chance doing or saying something stupid… or even just insensitive, that goes viral for the whole world to see.

Just last week following the Manchester attack, my team was up well past midnight, going through each client’s social media feeds to ensure we had NOTHING scheduled that would have been seen as inappropriate, in bad taste or just in bad timing.

Turns out that a few of our clients were set to send out social media posts in the morning along the lines of “Parents: who would raise your kids if you were suddenly and tragically killed in an accident….”

My estate planning lawyers are in the business of helping parents work through these issues—but the day after a tragic bombing when kids and parents died would have NOT been the right time to send those posts.  I worried that it could have been seen as opportunistic and insensitive.

So as many of our clients slept, we stayed up in Social Media crisis control mode.  My clients count on me to protect their brand and reputation, and having someone on the team that can take the reins on monitoring accounts is part of that role.

That’s just one of the ways that OUR team works to avoid social media FAILS for our clients.  Here are some other “checks and balances” that our LM2 team has in place that I encourage you to implement in your own practice:

  1. Most social media posts are created in advance, looked at by multiple people and then approved by the attorney to avoid putting something out there that has errors, could be an ethics violation or is just off-putting to the reader.

  2. We centralize all social media accounts in Hootsuite.  It’s my social media management tool of choice to watch over posts in one place.  That way, if I see something that needs to be removed, I have access to ALL of my lawyers accounts in seconds (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube).

  3. As a backup, we make a centralized account as an Administrator to our client’s pages (which they can revoke at any time).  My clients change their passwords everyday and forget to tell me—and I’m locked out of their account.  As an admin, however, I have privileges to access, edit and remove posts using my OWN Facebook login, so this is never an issue in an emergency.

Please take the time this week to put a crisis management plan in place for YOUR firm’s social media.  If you don’t have staff members that can take on this role for you, or you just need help putting a solid strategy together for your online presence, feel free to reach out.  I’d be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your needs and how I might be able to help.

The last thing you want is for your law firm to ever become synonymous with a viral joke.

Laura Lee Sparks
Legal Marketing Maven
800-931-7696 (t)

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There’s still time…

I’ve been on a lot of calls the past two weeks about the “NEW” Done For You Marketing Program for Estate and Elder law attorneys that I told you about. Seems the new price point and the ability to choose the campaign you want was exactly what everyone wanted!

It's NOT too LATE!Many of the attorneys I spoke to however, wanted to SEE the materials that they would be receiving. I thought maybe you might too so I recorded a quick video (less than 15 min) showing you the three campaigns for May. You can watch it here.

There is still time to get your hands on the May materials, just head over here and fill out the form so we can see if your area is available (we don’t work with competitors!). If it is we will send you a link to purchase and choose your campaign. It really is that simple!

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Laura Lee

PS: There are no long term commitments in this program, it is a month-to-month plan.

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You DO NOT Want to Miss This…..

Last week at NAELA, we announced some big changes in our Done For You Marketing Program for Estate and Elder Lawyers. (One of the biggest is a huge PRICE DROP but keep reading).

If you weren’t there and missed it, here’s what’s up…

Each month we create marketing materials specific to Estate and Elder Law attorneys and those in the program receive:

  • 4 SEO Optimized Blog Articles
  • 4 Video Scripts
  • Print Newsletter
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Press Release
  • Monthly Implementation Call

limited-time-offer-1438906_640ALL OF THESE MATERIALS ARE IN A FULLY EDITABLE FORMAT READY FOR YOU TO USE HOWEVER YOU WOULD LIKE. There is NO “Legal Marketing Maven” branding because that would not be in line with our goal of making YOU the ROCK STAR Estate/Elder Law Attorney in your community!

Now, for the two big changes:

First – you now have control over the campaigns.

Many attorneys that I spoke with over the years really wanted to be in control of what campaigns they were receiving (Ha! imagine that!!). They worried that the campaign “of the month” wouldn’t be something that they wanted or needed. The new program puts YOU in control.  We will select THREE campaigns each month (we have over 80 and create more each month!). YOU will select which one of the three you would like to receive. It will then be delivered with your other materials.

Second big change is the price.

We create educational-based marketing materials because it is incredibly important to us to help educate families about the importance of estate planning. Some would call it our “mission”. We know you don’t have a huge marketing budget to spend each month (despite what some marketing companies think). So we are leveraging all that we have created over the past 6 years and are offering this program, for a limited time for ONLY $697 a month.

You get all the control and all the materials AND your AREA EXCLUSIVITY for that price.

And to boot, I will GIVE you membership in the Inner Circle program. This is the program where I keep you and your team accountable in your marketing. So the ideas are just in your head but are actually getting done each week! Each week you and your team with get assignments, there is an online forum for check-in’s and support from me, my team and other lawyers and each month I host Open Office calls for strategy and training calls to keep you and your team up to date on all the latest and greatest marketing tools and procedures that we know are WORKING because we use them with our full implementation clients! This program is normally $97 a month but is INCLUDED with the DFY marketing program!

I’ll be around the next few days if you want to chat, but if you are interested and think this is a good fit for your practice shoot me back and email or go to to see if your area is available.

I have a ton of calls scheduled from lawyers I met with at NAELA to lock in territories, so if you are interested, don’t wait to see if your location is open before it’s gone.  

Again, just go to to see if we are currently working with someone in your area and we’ll be in touch to talk to you further about your desire to join the program.


Laura Lee Sparks
Legal Marketing Maven

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A Little Push Results In Big Rewards. Do You Need A Push?

There are so many things competing for our time. I get it. Heck, I FEEL it. There’s always so much to do that we often fail to do the things that matter.

I recently had a situation where I nudged a lawyer into doing something she knew she should do, but had a thousand reasons not to.

A Little Push“I don’t have the time.”

“I don’t think that will work in my community.”

“I have client work to do.”

In our Inner Circle recently I gave our lawyers a really specific challenge. There was one lawyer that basically said no, because (fill in the blank with a reason).

I poked. “Here’s another way to do it.

The lawyer said, “Well, ok, I will (take a very small action).

I pushed a little. “Great. How about doing this?”

The lawyer said, “I guess I could do that. I also think I could do (a new small action).’

I nudged. “That is AWESOME! That wasn’t too hard, right? How about doing this…?”

The lawyer said, “Ok, I did it…and guess what? One of our local publications asked me for an interview.”

A couple of days pass….

The lawyer said, “The interview was great and I am on the FRONT PAGE!!”

I was thrilled and happy with her success, but not really surprised. Because taking action works! Sometimes we just need to push the little mundane excuses out of the way for just a little while and DO something.

This lawyer had the tools she needed because she had our DFY materials that just had to be executed. The real work for her was to push herself out of her way. Once she did, she got big results!

Hopefully you can read this story and easily recognize the excuses you need to push out of YOUR way. If you need a little help with that, you should consider joining our Inner Circle Accountability and Private Group Coaching Program. I can help you there. The best part is that you can join for 30 days for only $1.

You might be surprised by what a little push (aka nagging) from me can do for law firm!

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You Probably Don’t Even Know You Are Being Held Hostage

Lawyers rescue people all of the time. They rescue people from situations where they too trusting and not asking the right questions.

Today, I am going to rescue you.

If you worked with a web design company and didn’t ask the right questions, you are probably being held hostage and don’t even know it.

HostageA lot of website development companies are soup-to-nuts. That means that they help you from the planning of your website all of the way to execution. Most lawyers need this level of support because website building is not something they teach in law school. But, if you don’t ask the right questions, your website development company could be in complete control over your website and even your domain name.  

You might be wondering why this is a problem. It is a problem because you are at the mercy of the website development company for each and every change you’d like to make. Not only will changes cost you money, but you are now working on their schedule. What if you are unhappy with their services? The chances are that you cannot take your website or domain with you because the website development company is holding the keys – especially if they set up hosting services and the domain name was purchased under their name.

If you are ready to take back control of your website, here are a few things you should know.

Your Domain Name

You can register your own domain name with registrars such as GoDaddy for about $10 to $15 per year. They even run specials where you can sometimes register them and pay 99 cents for the first year! If you are working with a website development company to create a website, make sure that they know that you want to create your own account so that you control your domain name. If your developer already owns your website, ask them to transfer ownership to you.

Your Hosting Company

Every website needs to “live” somewhere. Web hosting companies like HostGator offer technologies and services that are needed to get your website on the Internet. This is also very inexpensive – typically about $10 per month. Some website development companies “require” that you host your website on their systems. Steer clear of them. Be sure to work with a company that allows you to create and maintain the web host account for your law firm.

Your Content

Some website development companies offer to write the copy that is on your website. Others ask you to write the copy, but they then are in control of putting that content on the website. That may sound ok in the beginning, but what you will find is that you may be nickel-and-dimed because you’ll need to pay them every time you want to add content or make a change. I highly recommend that your website be set up in a way that allows YOU or your team to update and maintain control of your content.

We’ve seen it all over the years, trust me. You do not want to get into a tug-of-war with a website company over your website. Do your homework and make sure you ask the right questions. That way you can rest easy knowing your website is really, truly yours.

This is exactly the kind of information that we share in our Inner Circle Marketing Accountability Mastermind Group along with resources and recommendations so this DOESN’T happen to you! You have access to the entire Legal Marketing Team of experts for all of your marketing questions. Have you joined us yet? You can take it for spin for 30 days for just $1 (after that it renews at the low price of only $97 per month) and wait until you see all of the bonuses!!

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Testimonials Sell!

I’m traveling to Boston this week for the NAELA conference!  It turns out that a bunch of my clients and friends will be in attendance …I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Will you also be there? Shoot me an email back and let me know. I’d love to catch up with you over coffee or a drink. 

Testimonials SellWhat I’m NOT thrilled about, however, is the weather!  This Floridian is digging through her drawers to find something suitable to wear to the chilly northeast.  So much for spring ;( 

This month in our Inner Circle, we are going hard and heavy on boosting firm testimonials heading into the summer.   

Testimonials are so much more than warm, fluffy, nice things that clients have to say about you.  Please understand that TESTIMONIALS SELL. 

The last three professional service providers I hired were specially chosen because of the reviews I read about him or her online.  I looked at their google reviews, I looked on Yelp—then I hopped over to social media to see what was posted there. 

People are typically afraid to hire lawyers, and having the ability to experience what friends and neighbors think about your practice matters.  If you are not generating testimonials each month in an ETHICAL WAY, you are losing out on business to the competition.  It’s that simple. 

As a caveat, I say ETHICAL because testimonials must be solicited a specific way in order for them not to violate bar rules, as well as online Terms of Service.  For example, many sites will NOT allow you to hand a client an iPad in the office for them to leave a review on the spot.  If you are caught, you lose your entire account and all of your hard earned testimonials with it. 

So, if getting more testimonials THE RIGHT WAY is something you are interested in, check out the featured article below for some ideas. You can also get into our Inner Circle Accountability Mastermind Group for just $1 so that you can take part in our trainings, or grab our entire Testimonial Process campaign where you can download the exact website copy, get a fully designed postcard that can be sent out after you finish up client services, and other marketing materials our attorneys use to put the solicitation of reviews on AUTOPILOT.  It’s normally $497 but during this “training focus” you can grab it for $197. 

Let me know how I can help, 

Laura Lee    

3 Easy Ways to Get Testimonials 

Social proof is the psychological experience describing people’s reliance on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is right or wrong. There are a number of studies that show that upwards of 90% of people surveyed are likely to trust the recommendations of others, even if they don’t know them. 

Social proof has been used in the marketing world for many years in the form of testimonials, reviews and referrals. The rise of social media has media has enhanced the importance of social proof because feedback from real people is more easily accessible than ever before. So, how can lawyers take advantage of this phenomenon? 

I know, just the thought of, asking for testimonials makes many lawyers squirm. But really, it is easier than you think. 

Here are a few easy ways to get testimonials: 

1.    Make it as easy as possible! 

One really effective technique for requesting testimonials is to do most of the work for them. You can write a note with some example testimonial statements. The example statements will serve as inspiration for them. Also, you can provide links to review sites such as Google, LinkedIn or Avvo. With just one click they can begin writing. Easy peasy! 

2.    Flattery gets you everywhere! 

I’m not suggesting that you inundate them with insincere praise and adoration. Just be sure to let them know why you chose to ask them. If you are asking them because they are influential in your community, tell them! A few kind words can go a long way. 

3.    Write down off-the-cuff compliments. 

When you are working with clients, keep a keen ear open to listen for compliments about your services. If they let you know that your paralegal went above and beyond, write that down. When their matter is winding up, you can remind them of the compliment they shared and then ask if you can use that as a testimonial. 

These are just a few ideas for getting testimonials. If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment below and let me know what’s worked for you.
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Want to see real results in legal marketing?

Before I spend any time, money or energy working with a service professional, whether that’s a doctor, financial professional or even a contractor for my home…


I scour the internet to read real results that people are having using the services that I’m interested in.  

Most importantly, I want to see CURRENT results.   I don’t care what you did 10 years ago. I want to know how you can help me TODAY.

Maybe you’re like me.  

Untitled Design (13)If that’s the case and you’ve been thinking about upping your legal marketing game, which might perhaps mean bringing in some outside help to assist your law firm…

…I’d like to share with you these three messages that I received THIS MONTH from attorneys, just like you.  They are real, current and show that what we do here at Legal Marketing Maven GETS RESULTS.

  1. Laura Lee- as result of one of the newsletters you mailed out for me last weekish, I got a call from the City of xxx (named removed for privacy) and they want me to talk at their Elder Fest.  Details to follow! – CA Attorney

  2. I wanted to tell you that I received a client from the Sandwich Generation Program you created.  My client’s brother found me on line for him, downloaded the ebook and read it cover to cover!!  They said the information and questions in there were on point and made so much sense!! Thank you!!!- GA Attorney

  3. I cannot recommend Legal Marketing Maven enough. The materials they provide, and ideas they share, are outstanding. Since I have started, my leads from the web have measurably increased, and – even better – the quality of the leads have improved considerably. – TX Attorney

  4. Had to share – did an exhibit booth today at a well attended event. Came away with twenty appointments set for initial phone consults in the next month, and five full “I’m hiring you” appointments. Plus I have a bucketful of email addresses of people who entered my drawing. This was an exceptionally good day. – TX Attorney

I would love to help you experience increased results with your legal marketing as we head into spring.  There are options to work with us on any marketing budget.  Here are a few ways that we can support you.

  1. Join our Inner Circle Program.  This is our private coaching and accountability group where I teach you and your staff strategies each month to grow your practice and streamline your office.  We have a great network of collaborative attorneys that are always available to give you feedback and share their successes with you as well.  It’s only $97 a month and open to attorneys of all practice areas and their staff.  You can take a 30 day trial for only $1!!! Learn more here.

  2. Done-For-You Program- Each month, we create done-for-you marketing campaigns, blogs, newsletters and PR materials for estate and elder law attorneys.  These campaigns are professionally designed to reach a new market each month, ranging from referral sources, local organizations, past clients and other community prospects.  If your team can copy and paste, send mail and follow directions, we’ll put everything else in their hands each month that they need to properly market your law firm. If you mention this email I will discount the monthly fee to $797 a month (regularly $997!).  Learn more here.
  3. Consistent Content Package- If you need CONTENT in your law firm, and you really need someone to just take the reigns and DO THIS FOR YOU, our consistent content package is likely a good fit for your firm!  We’ll take care of creating your blogs and posting them for you, while managing your SEO on your blogs and blog backend; we’ll write you a monthly email newsletter, then professionally design your template in your CRM system for you that will be sent to the clients, prospects and referral sources of your law firm; and, finally, we’ll manage your social media including daily postings on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +.  This program is open to attorneys of all practice areas and removes much of the burden that you face in creating consistent content and then MANAGING the process of getting it out to your network each month!  $897 per month. Learn more here.
  4. Custom private work- We work privately with law firms to handle the legal marketing in their practice that is most important to them, including full seminar management, website management, social media management, campaign creation, copywriting, ghostwriting, email marketing, newsletter creation, direct mail marketing, team training and more.   All you have to do contact me and let me know what you had in mind, and we can work together to create a marketing plan that suits your needs.

We would be honored to join forces with you this spring to kick up the results of your legal marketing.  

Email us today at and let’s set up a time to talk about how we can help.  I’d love for you to be our next success story—and empower you to reach more people in your community that NEED YOUR HELP.  What you do is so critically important, and we want to support your firm’s mission and vision.

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Can We Help You Work With More Special Needs Families?

#LOVEISLOVE (1)Spring is a unique marketing time for attorneys that serve parents with disabled children.

Autism Awareness Month is just around the corner, and local organizations and groups are looking for legal experts to help educate their members on the importance of legal planning.  There are events and workshops being planned RIGHT NOW that you should be apart of!

High school seniors with disabilities are getting ready to graduate soon, and many parents are beginning the process of filing for guardianship.  Now is a great time to start educating parents and schools in your community on the steps to take when a child with disabilities turns 18 to retain complete legal and financial control.

These same parents of high school seniors are making plans for adulthood.  They need your help to put legal plans in place that ensures their child is able to stay as independent as possible after graduation, that they are financially protected, that they are accessing resources and benefits as a soon-to-be-adult, and that their transition to the next phase of their life is a smooth one.

We know that your service to parents in these areas is an important one; we have loved ones with disabilities and special needs here at Legal Marketing Maven and can’t imagine life without a trusted attorney by our side.

We want YOU to be able to give this same peace of mind and confidence to others in your community.  

To help, we are releasing TWO campaigns that you can use to market to parents of disabled children.

We’ve created everything in such away that you can be ready to roll with each piece in under two hours.  No need to hire designers, no need to hire copywriters and no need to distract your staff with the task of create marketing materials when they could be serving your clients.

The first offers materials specifically for parents of teenagers that are now beginning to plan for adulthood.   

The second is for general special needs planning that you may do at your law firm.

We are offering them completely a la carte, meaning that you can access all of the materials, design files and professional copy without signing a contract or joining a thing with us.

As long as we are not currently working with someone in your area, we’ll send you a secure link where you can access your campaign materials as soon as you fill out the form under your desired choice on this page here:

I hope that you’ll take the time to review the campaigns, as well as the bonuses we are offering.   The press release that I’m giving you as a gift has been very successful in landing our clients media coverage for special needs planning. That release, as well as a pitch letter to your local journalists, is yours when you order a campaign.

Simply go here now to reserve your materials
If you have additional questions or you’d like to schedule a go-to webinar to see some of the campaign pieces in more detail, simply send us an email and we’ll schedule a time to meet.
P.S. The bonus press release is ONLY available until 3/10!  I’m setting a deadline on it because you need to get it pitched and now is the time to do it.  So don’t procrastinate.
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I’ve got a perfect gift for your “Valentine”

It’s not roses.

It’s not candy.

It’s not diamonds or jewels.

It’s more valuable than any of those, in fact it is something that is simply irreplaceable.

hearts-937664_640What your valentine (and the rest of your family) REALLY wants from you is TIME. Preferably quality time with you present and not distracted worrying about your business.

And I’ve got simple, affordable solutions to GIVE YOU more hours in your week – EVERY WEEK.

If you are spending any of your personal time on any of these tasks, you are simply wasting timethat you could be giving to your loved ones.

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Updates (business related)
  • Designing
  • Writing Newsletters
  • Updating Your Website with Information
  • Writing and Pitching Press Releases
  • Managing your CRM
  • Creating Lead Generation Funnels
  • Updating your Local Profiles
  • Updating your Social Profiles
  • Managing Speaking Events
  • …and any other marketing tasks that you are currently handling yourself (or that aren’t getting done at all!)

….I think you get the hint. None of these tasks require YOU to do them completely. The greatest gift you can give is delegating the tasks that don’t require you. Imagine how many hours a week/month you could reclaim. Time is not something we get to put in a bank account and save for later.

Email me at let’s chat about how many hours we can give you and your family back.


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